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As lockdown was imposed and the UK was brought to an abrupt standstill overnight, self-care became a key survival technic for the masses. With the gift of additional time, many were able to indulge in a lengthy skincare routine, partake in a series of new home-workouts and of course delved into the world of proper hair care. Social media was inundated with how-to videos, hair hacks and recommendations for DIY hair treatments, using self-care as a powerful tool to remain positive and upbeat during uncertain times. 


Of course, not everyone was fortunate to have some spare time to look after themselves and their mental health. Essential workers, particularly those on the frontline, were tirelessly working long gruelling shifts, with limited capacity to keep their hair looking and feeling great. Long shifts spent with the hair pulled back tightly and wrapped in harsh Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) leading to dry, brittle hair in need of some TLC. Step in Hair Loving’s Hydration Oil


With good ethics at the core of the brands philosophy, Hair Loving felt inspired to do their bit; looking after the hair of the nation’s heroes, as they looked after the nation. With this in mind Hair Loving set out on a mission to help those in need and launched their NHS hero’s campaign, the latest initiative following on from the brands successful appeal with the non-profit organisation Human Appeal. A 25% discount was offered to all frontline workers on purchases made on the Hair Loving website. Frontline workers could benefit by simply emailing [email protected] for a discount code. 

The campaign gained a great response, people were finding the unique and powerful mix of avocado, almond and castor oil paired with soothing ginger and nourishing vitamin E of the Hydration Oil were leaving their locks feeling refreshed, silky smooth and intensely shiny. Undoing the damage obtained at work, to unveil perfect tresses to give a small boost to those who needed it most. As lockdown begins to ease and many start to return to some state of normality, Hair Loving recognises that frontline NHS staff are still working tirelessly and risking their lives on a daily basis. As ongoing gratitude for the hard work and dedication over this immensely difficult period, the discount code will continue to be valid during the whole of 2020; ensuring that the frontline workers enjoy totally nourished, glossy hair all year round. 

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