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1. How do I use the hair oil ?

You can use the hair oil in many ways on your hair. Apply it over night for 6-12 hours for optimal results and wash off in the morning.Apply the oil before shampooing your hair for a quick boost of moisture.Depending on hair type you can even use it on wet or washed hair and leave to dry so the moisture gets locked in.

2. How many times a week do I use the hair oil?

The hair hydration oil can be used about 2 to 3 times a week.

3. How much hair oil do I apply each time I use it?

It depends on how much hair you have however as a rule of thumb approximately 6 to 10 pumps lightly on roots and soak the ends.

4. how long should I leave the hair oil on for?

We recommend that you  leave the hair oil on for 6-12 hours or even for as little time as your gym routine.

5. How do I store the oil?

         Store in a cool, dark, dry place

6. Is the Oil Unisex?

Yes, we have male and female users who have sent testimonials of hair growth and improved condition on their hair and beards. 

7. What can the oil help treat.

The oil has also helped those with post-partum alopecia, stress, chemical damage, heat damage and non-genetic hair loss.


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