Hair Growth and Hydration Oil 100ml


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Nourish your hair with growth promoting natural plant power packed with hydration. 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and vegan. Can be used before shampoo as an overnight treatment. Or just before you wash your hair.

Massage scalp and length of the hair before shampoo. Alternatively add a drop or two on wet hair after wash and dry as usual for maximum smooth and shine.  Use as a part of your regular haircare routine. Added benefits include a non-drip easy-application pump to make sure the oil goes only where its meant to.

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10 reviews for Hair Growth and Hydration Oil 100ml

  1. Aqib S

    I had the pleasure of using this oil which I purchased for my partner. I had a uneven and receding hair line and was worried about my male pattern baldness starting early which became apparent last year. After use of this hair oil, every time I was the oil out and style it in fact even before styling my hair just looks different. I dont know what the formulation is but its done my hair wonders. 10/10

  2. Alex Bristol

    Love this hair oil. I cannot believe I didn’t discover it sooner, using it on my curls before wash as a pre shampoo treatment and also on washed hair whilst still wet keeps it hydrated. It also gives my curls super shine and definition.

  3. Mike P

    This hair oil is fantastic. Its increased hair growth and my hair looks fuller making it easier to style.

  4. Savanna Darnell

    I use this oil as a hair serum for my curly hair and it does wonder. Highly recommend.

  5. Sam Q

    Im a huge fan of this oil as its made my hair smooth, fuller and silkier after use. Ive also bought the combo, I have gone through 3 bottles since they launched.

  6. Ginny

    Great Product! Got this as a gift from my partner after my hair fall starts. My hair’s grown super fast with the oil and with the tips and techniques in the Hair Loving Instagram videos. 10/10 from me

  7. Georgia S

    Amazed by this oil! Made my hair grow and feels soft every time I use it. Should use it more often though!

  8. S austen

    I use this oil as a pre-poo treatment and post wash. Great condtioning. Sometimes it goes on my face too and gives me an amazing glow. I dont think its for the face though but versatility is key with my busy schedule.

  9. Zohra

    Absolutely life changing hair oil. It has maintained my hair fall and my hair is now thicker and stronger than before. Definitely recommend if you want an oil that helps hair fall, creates thickness and makes hair softer and smooth.

  10. Sarah Cook

    This hair oil is a great product and I can’t wait for more products in this line. This is a niche product as it’s ingredients are unique to what I’ve checked out on the market and in stores over the past year since I began to get hair fall and loss. My hair has grown three inches since I began using this oil !!! I even have to hide it from my family as they have all started using it!

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