Hair Rescue Kit for Menopause


Hair Rescue Kit includes a 100ml Hair Hydration oil and hair towel wrap.

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A powerful rescue kit of the Natural Life hair oil (100ml) and hair towel wrap to care for your hair before, during and after the menopause.  A blend of botanical oils to stimulate hair growth around the time of menopause. This treatment contains jasmin to reduce hot flushes, rose to take the edge off emotions, providing clarity and self-confidence and lavender to promote peaceful sleep amongst other oils.

The formula is ideal for leaving on overnight to reduce hair loss and thinning associated with hormonal imbalances caused by menopause.

How to Use

To experience the magic massage into the scalp and gently take through from roots to tips.

For maximum benefit use 3 to 7 pumps (depending on hair type ad length) and leave in overnight or apply pre shampoo for a quick moisture boost of natural ingredients.

Can also be applied as a sealing oil to wet hair to dry naturally or use on dry hair to tame frizz. Style as normal.

The kit contains a Hair Loving hair towel wrap for added benefits to your hair.

This breathable microfibre hair towel wrap helps dry your hair after washing, this addition to your haircare routine absorbs excess water faster than a normal towel, weighing less on your head compared to a normal towel it can cause less breakage and friction on your scalp which can otherwise irritate your skin.

How To Use


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